• Welcome and enjoy our delicious Brunch specialies!

    • Welcome all you brunch-loving guests!

      Brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday between 11.30 – 13.30. This brunch table is loaded with food and drink and here you find classics as American Waffles served with maple syrup and blueberries, home made muffins/cupcakes and salty pies. Finnish squeaky cheese with cloudberry jam is a local favourite. If you want a bit more of luxury we can recommend Champagne or a sparkling wine to this magnificent buffet.

      During some festivities, such as Father’s Day/Mother’s Day and First of May there are two settings of the brunch so as many as possible can enjoy it.

      A brunch is like a meeting between to lovers, breakfast and lunch, and is said to originate from England where in the 19th century the Sunday hunting of the upper class ended in a substantial breakfast. But it was in the US that the brunch became the widely spread success it is today. A brunch may consist of nearly anything as far as there is a lot of all that is delicious and that one does not allow oneself at home. When leaving the brunch table one must feel that there is no need for any more to eat that day.

      Only reservations made in advance can be guarunteed a table. For reservation please call +358 (0)6-3269111 or

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    • Brunch Gift certificate


      All you brunch loving guests, we welcome you to buy a brunch gift card!

      From here you get a gift card nice and easy for a friend or why not for your selves. Fill in the form according to the instructions and this magnificent gift will soon be yours.

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